1 Sept.1934 Two years after the peak of the Great Depression, the lorry driver Gustav Mäuler establishes his own small transport company. He drives a 70 HP articulated lorry that has engine failure after one year. He waits four weeks for the new engine. A new lorry is acquired after a further year: it has a 150 HP engine. In the middle of the economic low-point of the State, with more than 12,000 unemployed alone in Remscheid, Mäuler makes progress.
1945 Gustav Mäuler expands his company during this time. Of the 24 lorries, which are driven by various companies, three in Remscheid already bear his own company name. Whereas he initially transported everything possible, from potatoes to firewood, in Remscheid, he now mainly delivers tools and machines throughout Germany.
1949 Gustav Mäuler leases a plot with three garages on the ‘Burger Strasse’ road in Remscheid. He also benefits from the economic miracle in the 1950’s and soon owns a large fleet of vehicles.
1955 A milestone: The company relocates to Lenneper Strasse (later renamed to ‘Auf dem Langefeld 2-4’). The new company location, a ‘modern haulage site’ in architectural terms, is situated directly next to the A1 motorway. Four years later, Mäuler already has 81 employees.
1962 The branch office in Stuttgart-Vaihingen is opened. A high-bay warehouse is added to the location seven years later.
1988 Gustav Mäuler dies and his son Gustav takes over the company.
1990 A modern high-bay warehouse with a CO2 fire extinguishing system for the storage of dangerous goods is built in Remscheid. It allows the storage of combustible and toxic substances.
1995 Gustav Mäuler expands the company management with Reiner Kammels. Expansion of the chemical storage capacities for the storage, filling and handling of water-hazardous substances.
1998 Gustav Mäuler expands his services across the whole of Europe. The existing handling area is also expanded.
2003 The company additionally specialises in transport routes between Germany and France.
2004 Gustav Mäuler sets a new milestone in the company’s history with the installation of a completely digital information technology. It allows the permanent status monitoring of all consignment movements Europe-wide. Employees can now completely track every delivery at every place.
2009 Gustav Mäuler celebrates its 75-year anniversary.
2010 Award: As the first foreign company, Gustav Mäuler receives the Best Logistics Service Provider Award from Renault-Blainville.
2013 Opening of the new high-bay warehouse with loading hall as dangerous goods warehouse for combustible liquids. The facility, with vehicular access from the ‘Wüstenhagener Strasse’ road and more than 1,300m² of space, doubles the company’s own capacity for the storage of dangerous goods at Mäuler.